Melanie Murray Mfume
Melanie Murray MfumePartner

Attorney Mfume has a rich family history of advocacy that greatly influenced her passion to help the community. It was the basis of her decision to go to law school and to continue her family’s legacy.

Attorney Mfume started her law firm in 2008 with a focus on serving the needs of homeowners and consumers through direct client representation, education and empowerment. She teamed up with various legal service providers, housing counselors, consumer groups and policy groups to further strategize and ensure that the joint efforts resulted in the assistance of as many people as possible.

Attorney Mfume also recognizes the exceptional need for access to justice for lower income and underserved members of the community and has provided pro bono representation throughout her career. She actively volunteers for the American Bar Association Military Pro Bono Project to support our active duty service members. In 2008, she was awarded the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service “Volunteer of the Year” award and in 2015, she was awarded the Pro Bono Resource Center “Service Honoree” award.

Advocate Attorneys only represents consumers, homeowners and small businesses.

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